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Working in close cooperation with the International Baccalaureate®, Pamoja Education continues to expand its range of top quality online IB courses, with new courses added each academic year. Typically our full catalogue is available to both May and November IB examination session schools, depending on course requests.

Our online courses are available to Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme students attending an IB World School.

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DP core

Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay


Group 2
Language Acquisition
Group 3
Individuals and Societies
Group 5
Group 6
The Arts
French French ab initio Business Management Business Management
Mathematics Mathematics
Film Film SL
Mandarin Mandarin ab initio Economics Economics
Spanish Spanish
Information Technology in a Global Society ITGS
  Philosophy Philosophy SL    
  Psychology Psychology

*Economics SL is also available as a one-year course.

Pamoja Education Enrolments
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The IB Diploma Programme

All Diploma Programme students are required to take one subject from each of the groups 1 to 5, and either an arts subject from group 6, or a second subject from groups 1 to 5. At least three (and not more than four) subjects need to be taken at higher level (HL) while the other subjects can be taken at standard level (SL).

Pamoja Education offers courses in groups 2, 3, 5 and 6. Groups 1 and 4 must be taken at an IB World Schoo. It is not currently possible to complete the full diploma programme solely online. For more information about the IB Diploma Programme please visit the IB website.

Building quality and integrity into online courses

Pamoja Education is currently the only IB authorised online Diploma Programme course provider. Our online courses are developed and delivered under the International Baccalaureate’s rigorous quality assurance standards and taught by experienced IB teachers specially trained in online pedagogy.  

Our online IB Diploma courses have the same status for university admissions as those taught in a traditional face-to-face IB classroom and there is no distinction on the final Diploma between a face-to-face and online course.

Our promotion of academic integrity in the teaching of IB Diploma courses is further demonstrated by our use of online plagiarism detectors.

Enhancing learning skills

Each of our online IB Diploma Programme courses assists students in the development of vital skills, enhancing their long-term prospects for higher education and employment.

Students take true ownership of their learning, cultivating skills that support future success in such areas as critical thinking, self-management, collaboration, communication and project management.

By working with classmates and faculty who are located worldwide, students can develop international understanding that will be valued by universities and employers alike.

Creating an online global classroom

Students enjoy the support of a course that is structured but flexible. In online classrooms of approximately 25 students from around the world, teachers introduce weekly lessons, guide discussion and provide feedback to stimulate critical thinking and promote “lifelong learning” habits.  Online teachers instruct students in innovative and engaging ways. Live lessons stimulate simultaneous interactions in the classroom; forums and blogs encourage students to reflect on their learning; online resources help support students in their learning; and news feeds bring subjects alive within the context of current events and issues.

Explore our online global classroom.

The Global Classroom

Audio Visual Tools




Discussion Tools


News Feeds


Live Lessons

Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements

Students must have regular Internet access at school and preferably at home in order to participate in Pamoja Education online IB Diploma Programme courses. Our Learning Management System (LMS) supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

A list of technology requirements can be found here.

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