Spanish ab initio

Part of the IB Diploma Programme subject group 2, Language Acquisition, Spanish ab initio is a course for students with no previous formal experience of learning Spanish. It will enable them to communicate with people from a new culture and make the most of any time they spend in Spain and Latin America.

Topics covered through the course

Spanish ab initio not only covers essential vocabulary and grammar, but also key elements of Hispanic life and culture such as food, leisure, family relationships and entertainment.

Activities and assessment

Activities include discussions, creating presentations, learning from videos, contributing to blogs and wikis as well as handwriting practice and exciting interactive tasks. The emphasis is on learning actively together. Of course, there will be some traditional activities such as essay writing and oral practice to prepare for the exams.

Assessment will be both formative and summative and fully in accordance with IB criteria.

Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed in Spanish ab initio, we recommend students commit five to six hours a week.

Benefits to students

Taking Spanish ab initio will enable students to:

  • develop their receptive, productive and interactive skills
  • function successfully in a Spanish-speaking environment
  • develop an appreciation of the cultural riches of the Hispanic world
  • greatly expand their possibilities for work, entertainment and travel