Extended Essay

Our online Extended Essay supervision assists IB World Schools in providing a consistently high level of support to their students in order to complete this significant part of their Diploma.


Designed by a former IB Core Subject manager, your students will benefit from our exceptional online classroom environment. Our online EE supervision helps them to explore one of the six subjects they are studying in depth.
Divided into eight modules, our online Extended Essay supervision is flexible, allowing schools to align it to their own academic calendar.

The 8 modules

  • Module 1 – What is the Extended Essay?
  • Module 2 – Research
  • Module 3 – Choosing the Subject and Research Quest
  • Module 4 – Essay Plan and Introduction
  • Module 5 – Writing Sections of the Essay
  • Module 6 – Completion of Full Draft
  • Module 7 – Final Submission
  • Module 8 – Viva Voce

Assessment and activities

Each module has clear objectives, activities and an opportunity for students to review their work. There are no activities to be assessed during the course; instead, a clear programme of supervision aligned to the IB guidelines is set out to ensure that EE remains entirely owned by the student; the student’s own work and their ownership of the process is crucial.