Mark – UX/UI Lead

“During my time with Pamoja, I have been very privileged to work alongside some amazing and highly motivated people across all departments, which has broadened my knowledge and skills set I had developed at university.” Libby -Pamoja Intern Programme, BA Business Management Undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University,

Mark – UX/UI Lead

“The team ethic I have experienced here is second to none and it has given me a great sense of belonging. To be considered integral to such a supportive and creative bunch of people makes my working life a very enjoyable experience.” Mark – UX/UI Lead

Polina – Pamoja Teacher

“As a Pamoja teacher I have worked in many locations: at home, in hotels, in airplanes, on beaches and even on my grandmother’s ancient PC in Belarus. My favourite one was being on a hotel balcony overlooking Cusco, Peru. I was going to Machu Picchu the next day and I was thinking to myself: I am living the life!”

Polina – Pamoja teacher, Economics