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Our students’ studies are made simpler by enabling access to all the resources they require for their online courses, all within one platform! Collaborative activities allow students to work with peers and teachers and archived lessons can be reviewed when needed.

We teach: an all-in-one solution

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Let your students select the online course(s) they want to take, and we will handle the teaching! Your students will be invited to join our global classroom, where they will be taught by highly experienced IB teachers, fully-qualified in our online teaching strategies.

Appoint your SBC

We will ask you to select a member of your faculty to become a Site-based Coordinator (SBC), willing to dedicate time to assist your students through their Pamoja courses. The SBC’s role is to monitor student progress and provide a direct link between the school and Pamoja.

Access our platform

For schools our innovative student information platform provides greater visibility of learner engagement through easy-to-understand dashboards, meaning students’ progress can be checked regularly and quickly. In addition, we allow schools the chance to offer exclusive access to parents to enable them to monitor their child’s advancement through their course.

IB Diploma Core and Subjects

Pamoja courses are available to students aged 16-19 attending an IB World School who are taking either the Diploma or Career-related programmes. Our full catalogue is available to both May and November IB exam session schools.

Taking an online course

Students from all around the world are divided into sections of approximately 25 students, where each section has an allocated teacher. The content is broken down into weekly lessons; each week, the online teacher introduces objectives to help students stay on track.

The course encourages self-study. Students also have the opportunity to join a live lesson with their teacher and classmates every week, as well as to review archived lessons as needed. No two weeks are the same! Our courses include various activities to keep students engaged and interested in the lesson content.

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We're here to help!

Students have many opportunities for one-to-one contact with online teachers, as well as for peer-to-peer review and feedback. As a member of our global community, students can support one another or seek support from teachers. The Help Centre also allows students to log requests. We always try to accommodate different time zones to ensure that a teacher or a member of our School and Student Services team is available to help.

Our School Services Team will regularly interact with the SBC to organise training and ensure they’re familiar with the Pamoja campus, the dashboards and features, and to offer continuous help throughout the year.

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The IB Diploma

It is not currently possible to complete the full diploma programme solely online. Our online course catalogue includes DP core elements and subjects from groups 2, 3, 5 and 6. Other subjects must be taken at an IB World School. For more information about the IB Diploma Programme please visit the IB website.
IB Diploma curriculum

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