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Mathematics HL

About Mathematics HL

 What is IB Mathematics HL?

IB Mathematics HL is a course for students with a good background in mathematics and strong analytical and technical skills. Most students will be expecting to include mathematics in their university studies, either as a subject in its own right or within courses such as physics, engineering and technology. The course is also for students who have a strong interest in mathematics and enjoy meeting its challenges.

 What is different in taking IB Mathematics HL online?

The course is fundamentally the same as any course taught in a regular face to face school. The difference is the medium of learning. As in any face to face school, there is course content, interaction with the teacher and assessment.

Students will need to be organized and motivated as they will have much more control over when and where they learn. This has significant advantages for students, especially in a subject such as mathematics, where having the right conditions for learning are important.

 What topics does IB Mathematics HL cover?
The core topics of the class are:
  • Algebra
  • Functions and Equations
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Vectors
  • Probability
  • Statistics
 What are the benefits to me in taking this course?

This online Mathematics HL course has been written by some of the best IB mathematics teachers in the world, approved by the IB organisation itself and you will be supported by highly experienced IB teachers.

You can choose when and where you learn as well as being able to communicate with your teachers virtually around the clock.

In addition, the skills and attitudes acquired in taking a demanding, two year online course will develop your ability to work in a connected world and cope with Higher Education where more and more courses are online.

 How much time a week will I need to set aside for this course?

Between 7 and 10 hours a week.

 What kind of activities are in the course and how will they be assessed?

There are activities that assess student achievement against IB criteria.

These include:
  • Problem sets
  • Self-assessed quizzes
  • Teacher assessed tests
  • Investigations
  • Modelling activities
  • Exams.

These assessments use IB standards and allow students to understand their mathematical progress and attainment.

Learning is also supported with:
  • Discussion forums,
  • Blogging,
  • Email,
  • Pager
  • Weekly live lessons in the online classroom.

These are assessed against Pamoja rubrics that allow students to monitor the quality of their interaction and engagement with the course.
 What are the technical requirements for this course?

The course uses a number of mathematical software and hardware. It is strongly recommended that students buy and use a TI-nspire (non CAS) graphing calculator. The course also uses Geogebra (a free software) and students are given a license for the widely used software Autograph. Students should also have access to a scanner so that they can scan and submit handwritten assignments.

 What help will I get if I am finding the course difficult?

You will receive just as much support in a Pamoja online course as you will in a face to face classroom.

Your support will include:
  • Regular contact with your teacher by instant messaging, email, pager and web sessions
  • Access to others teachers in your faculty  
  • Support from your site based coordinator
  • Support from Pamoja’s delivery team and development teams
  • A cohort of classmates in a similar situation who you can easily communicate with.
  • Access to communication tools, discussion forums and a blog
Mathematics HL Lesson Sample

Mathematics Sample Lesson

On the left is a lesson on trigonometric functions. If you have a look at the lesson, you will see that it contains engaging content, videos, interactive diagrams, blogging activities and downloadable lesson notes. 

By the end of the lessons, you will be able to derive the graphs of certain trigonometric functions, explain the meaning of period and amplitude and how this relates to domain and range, and use transformations to understand the feature of the graphs of certain trigonometric functions.

View a sample lesson of the Mathematics HL course.

Head of Department

Tim Knight

Tim Knight works as a consultant for Pamoja Education, and is currently part of the development team for the online Math HL course, Head of Mathematics and a teacher for Pamoja Education.

He previously taught Mathematics at Bali International School, Jakarta International School and spent four years prior to that as IB Coordinator at International School Manila.

He has a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and an MA in International Education from Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Tim Knight

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